Glazed earthenware

Glazed earthenware

Conversation, detail

Hug, polyester fabrics, embroidery thread

Fountain, stoneware with porcelain slip

Water vessel, smoked and gilded stoneware

      ​Welcome to my updated website!  I have included more of my ceramic sculpture as well as production ware.  I have been a potter for many years, using using the craft in combination with other materials to make sculptural work like the Watertowers. These are a group of clay and metal pieces that reflect on the presence of water towers since the 19th century. While currently we notice the intrusion of cell phone towers and giant windmills, for purposes of communication and energy, the water towers also invaded the landscape in an effort to conserve water for both consumption and emergencies.  The vases, bowls and teapots are a sampling of the variety of thrown work I have been doing over the years. 

     There are also new textile pieces where I have drawn on translucent fabrics with thread. These pieces are about love and connection; the peace that we feel when in sync with another human. I have more in the works. My textile pieces are hard to categorize: they are drawings, sculptures, collages and installations. 

     Lastly, I will have work in the upcoming show Harvest Moon at the Healing Arts Gallery at Monadnock Community Hospital. The show opens on Thursday September 22 from 5-7 pm and runs until Dec. 5th. The works included will be the acrylic paintings on mylar overlaid with a drawing on cheesecloth. These people paintings are titled: People helping, This is your heart, and This is how you sleep. Hope to see you there!


Glazed earthenware